Saturday, July 18, 2009

Party Pics

So, I'm finally getting around to posting Logan's party pictures - 3 weeks later! As you can see, it was a pirate theme. Logan had a pirate hat, pirate tatoo, pirate swim trunks, and a parrot for his shoulder (not pictured). I think he was a little overwhelmed at times, but for the most part he seemed to have fun. He wasn't happy that I had to wake him up from a nap to join his own party, but once he got past that, he seemed okay! Logan with Daddy - right after waking upWhat a cutie pie! (Doesn't he look tough?!?!)Check out those pirate (skull & crossbones) trunks!Baby Moses was too small to mess with the eyepatch, so we had to put one on him and take a picture. He was not so fond of it!Logan digging into his cupcake. He's a pretty neat eater, so it wasn't all that exciting!

This is what the cupcakes looked like. My mom, Lindsey, and I made them (with extra help from Bree who baked a batch for me).

Selah loved helping Logan open his gifts.

Papa was tired when the party was over!

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Rach De La Rosa said...

AWww, he is SO cute! Seriously, K, he looks just like you did as a baby, it's uncanny! ;) What a creative idea and creative cupcakes! :) Keep posting the pics..I love to see how he grows! :)