Thursday, July 30, 2009

Logan's 1 year pictures

I went to JC Penney's again for Logan's 1 year pictures. The did another fabulous job. Logan hadn't had a nap in the morning so he was cranky and cried through a lot of the photos, but again, you can't tell!

This is my absolute favorite!!! It's the same as the one above it, but in Sepia tones. It's so precious.

Justin calls this "an unhealthy relationship between a boy and his duck". But, Logan always gives his duck a kiss in the bathtub, so I told him to kiss this ducky too and he obeyed!

These last 2 pictures show off his newer developments - pulling himself up and crawling on all fours (instead of his army crawl!).

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Rach De La Rosa said...

SO cute!!! ;) I just can't get over how photogenic he is and what a beautiful smile he has :) Can't wait til your NEXT one! Heheh