Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Letter I

Number writing practice
"I" puzzle
Inchworm Patterning
"I" Letter tracing

Big and Little "I's" with corresponding "I's" stamped in them.

This week I had Logan glue the apples on the tree and then color them with markers.
Inchworm color puzzles. He is getting much better at this!
Inchworm graphing. Still not his favorite activity, but he typically complies.

Inchworm Pattern Building. I was pretty excited to see him do this one on the desk instead of on the example sheet.
Ever the favorite - Do A Dot painting
Inchworm & Leaf number matching. Logan counted up the dots on the leaves and then matched them up with the corresponding numbered inchworm.
Inchworm magnet page
Inchworm Prewriting Practice
"I" pokepage
Inchworm lacing - with a goofy grin
At the beginning of our preschool time, we load up and do the activity for the letter we are working on. Logan has learned to use the mouse to do the activities necessary.
Inchworm cut and paste - Mommy did the cutting, Logan did the pasting.
This is my calendar. I had so much fun creating this. I used my sadly neglected scrapbooking supplies. There is a "season" chart, a weather chart, a place for "today, tomorrow, yesterday", and a place to put our memory verse for the week. I have left space for more activities as he gets older. By the way, these pictures are so out of order, but I just need to get this post done. I've been working on it for weeks! I hate how long it takes to upload pictures on Blogger!
Inchworm counting practice - matching up the number of inchworms to the correct number card.
Uppercase and Lowercase letter matching
Inchworm size sorting - as you can see, he still struggles with this a bit.
"I" is for inchworm coloring page
I didn't get a picture of this when the letter disks were on them, but he did match up the upper and lowercase letters in the word "inchworm".

We didn't do a pattern this week with the pom-poms on the letters.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This week is brought to you by the letter H!

We took a 2 week summer vacation from preschool. Logan and I went to visit Stormy and Auntie Nessa for a week and when we got back, Logan wasn't very interested in following directions. It was going to be a short school week anyway with another out of town trip to Yuma, so I decided not to push him. That also meant I didn't have motivation to upload my photos in a timely manner :)

Letter of the week: H
Number of the week: 6
Bible Story of the week: God chooses Gideon (Judges 6-7)
Verse of the week: The Lord is with you mighty warrior. Judges 6:12

Here are our activities for the week, in no particular order. For more ideas, see

Big H and little h sorting
Number ordering. He put the larger numbers above the smaller ones when he ran out of room, but he got the concept fine.
Hippo graphing
More evidence of his perfectionism - the hearts and stamped Hh's all going the same way
Pom pom magnets
Hh is for hippo puzzle (forgive the blurry picture!)
Cutting practice - I definitely saw an improvement this week with the scissor work
Letter tracing
Coloring Page - he used Do a Dot paints and markers
Hippo patterns
H poke page - this is definitely not one of his favorites. He pokes about 3 holes and tries to be done :)
Matching color names to the correct colored hippo

Cut and paste page. I just showed him the small picture and he placed everything in the correct place. I was impressed that he got the concept on his first try.Our number for the week was 6 - he's not much into coloring the apple tree page, but he does enjoy pasting the apples on.
Scavenger hunt found Mr. Potato Head hats and hands along with a harmonica
Do a Dot

Using foam pieces, Logan built a big H and a little h
Hippo pattern building

Number writing practice

With the big H I let him just put whatever blocks on he wanted. With the little h I had him do a yellow and orange pattern.Size Sort - can you tell he was proud of himself?Hippo lacing
Hippo upper and lower case letter matching

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm back...and blogging about preschool!

I have found some new motivation to start blogging again. I've been doing a homeschool preschool with Logan. He loves it and is always asking to do "preschool work". I have searched numerous blogs and websites to gather ideas and curriculum. I had no idea until about 2 months ago how much free content there was on the internet. I have been doing a "letter of the week" program that also adds in math, science, Bible stories, memory verses, and art. I recently decided to invest in a curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler For only $10 I have access to over 1500 pages that she has designed. She is also a digital scrapbooker, so I was first attracted to the look of her blog. But, after trying out some of the work she had done with her preschoolers, I decided to purchase the whole curriculum. For anyone who may be interested, you can download almost everything from her website for free. I was spending an awful lot of time creating the lesson plans and searching all over the internet for ideas that I decided many of my other duties were being neglected and opted to purchase the curriculum because it came with the lesson plans and tons of other extras.

So, now I'm going to attempt to blog about Logan's progress through this homeschool preschool thing :) As I said before, I had already started about 2 months ago. So, I didn't start over at the letter A with the new curriculum since Logan already knows all his letters. I would like him to be able to write his letters when we are done, but I don't know how successful I will be in that. He can write an A and E very well. He also likes to scribble and see what letters come out of it. This past week we were on letter G. Here is the link to Confessions of a Homeschooler's letter G site.

The number of the week was 5.
The Bible Story of the week was Joshua 6 - The Battle of Jericho.
Our verse for the week was Hebrews 11:30 - By faith, the walls of Jericho fell down.

G collages - Logan stamped green "Gg"s on the pages and glued goldfish and glitter to each one.

G Patterning - I gave Logan pegs from a stacking toy and had him do an two color pattern with the big "G" and and a three color pattern with the little "g".

Lacing card - This week I told him to go up each hole with the lacing string.
Pre-writing practice - Using dry erase markers, he traced the lines and the letters.

G is for Gumball letter sort - There is an uppercase and lowercase page. Logan had to place the letters on the correct circles.
5 Apples - I just realized I uploaded the picture without the apples. Oh well. He colored the picture and then glued 5 apples on the tree.

Poke Page - Using a paperclip, Logan pokes holes along the "G" and "g".

Scavenger Hunt - We looked through the toys to find things that start with G. We came up with glasses, a giraffe, girls, green (marker and crayons), a garbage truck, and a golf ball. Logan came up with the garbage truck by himself. I was pretty impressed since he usually calls it a trash truck.
Color Puzzles - I cut the pictures in half in different ways. He had to put them back together and tell me the colors of the gumball machines. He struggles with some of the puzzles.
Letter search - I read the story to him and then Logan had to find the g's on both pages. We also practiced writing "G" and "g" on the second page.

Number Recognition - Logan counted up the pictures and then circled the correct number.

Color by Number - This is the first color by number he has done at home. He did one in his two-week summer preschool class (he will be starting this in the fall at Lord of Grace) but that time he only colored the numbers - not the whole space the number represented.
Patterning - He had to choose which picture came next.
Number ordering - He had to count the gumballs and then place the cards in order from 1 to 10.

Counting - Placing corresponding number of counting blocks onto the gumball machines.
Fingerpainting - You can't tell from this picture, but Logan was making "G" and "g" in shaving cream. I would make one and then he would trace it or try to make one on his own.

Gumball Building - He was supposed to build a pattern like the one on the paper. He got it pretty close. I helped him later to move the purple and green gumballs to make a triangle.
What "G" week would be complete without reading Goodnight Moon?

Cutting practice - This is not my favorite activity. I'm not sure how to teach the concept of using scissors, apparently. He did okay while I held and turned the paper for him, but definitely struggled on his own.

Roll a gumball - My mom gave me this awesome die with the numbers on it. We rolled it to gather the pieces to then build the gumball machine. Logan definitely enjoyed rolling the die, but not so much on the putting the pieces in order.

Since our Bible story for the week was Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, on our last day of the week we built a wall out of blocks. Then we made kazoos and marched around the wall seven times. Then we blew the horns and the wall "fell down". The kazoos were cardboard rolls that we decorated and had wax paper on one end.
Puzzle - I am so proud of Logan for doing this puzzle. He is great at wood puzzles where the pieces fit into the holes, but he struggles with other kinds. He was able to put this 6 piece puzzle together himself. I talked him through a couple things, but he put all the pieces together himself.

Tracing page
Cut and paste page - I cut out the pictures but he chose the background page and glued them all on by himself.
G is for gumball coloring page
Gumball counting - Placing the correct amount of gumballs into each machine.
G is for gumball magnets - Logan placed pom-pom magnets (don't they look like gumballs?) on the G and in the gumball machine.
Gumball Graphing - He had to count the number of gumballs in each machine and place the corresponding number of pom-pom magnets on the graphing lines
Letter Sorting - Placing the capital and lowercase G's where they belong.