Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This week is brought to you by the letter H!

We took a 2 week summer vacation from preschool. Logan and I went to visit Stormy and Auntie Nessa for a week and when we got back, Logan wasn't very interested in following directions. It was going to be a short school week anyway with another out of town trip to Yuma, so I decided not to push him. That also meant I didn't have motivation to upload my photos in a timely manner :)

Letter of the week: H
Number of the week: 6
Bible Story of the week: God chooses Gideon (Judges 6-7)
Verse of the week: The Lord is with you mighty warrior. Judges 6:12

Here are our activities for the week, in no particular order. For more ideas, see http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2010/11/letter-h-for-hippo.html

Big H and little h sorting
Number ordering. He put the larger numbers above the smaller ones when he ran out of room, but he got the concept fine.
Hippo graphing
More evidence of his perfectionism - the hearts and stamped Hh's all going the same way
Pom pom magnets
Hh is for hippo puzzle (forgive the blurry picture!)
Cutting practice - I definitely saw an improvement this week with the scissor work
Letter tracing
Coloring Page - he used Do a Dot paints and markers
Hippo patterns
H poke page - this is definitely not one of his favorites. He pokes about 3 holes and tries to be done :)
Matching color names to the correct colored hippo

Cut and paste page. I just showed him the small picture and he placed everything in the correct place. I was impressed that he got the concept on his first try.Our number for the week was 6 - he's not much into coloring the apple tree page, but he does enjoy pasting the apples on.
Scavenger hunt found Mr. Potato Head hats and hands along with a harmonica
Do a Dot

Using foam pieces, Logan built a big H and a little h
Hippo pattern building

Number writing practice

With the big H I let him just put whatever blocks on he wanted. With the little h I had him do a yellow and orange pattern.Size Sort - can you tell he was proud of himself?Hippo lacing
Hippo upper and lower case letter matching

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