Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictures in front of the Christmas tree

On Sunday night I decided to take some pictures of Logan in front of the Christmas tree. I'm quite pleased with the results!
This is my favorite picture. I turned the flash off, so it's a bit dark, but I think it's just precious.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas #2

Last week, my mom had her Christmas party at work. It's for all the kids and grandkids of the teachers. So, I traveled up to Phoenix for the day to hang out with Lindsey and Alex and then go to the party.
Alex is cruising all over now, so I stuck Logan in the exersaucer and Alex played on the outside. They were so cute together.They check each other out all the time. I think they both love having another little person around.Here are Lindsey and I with the boys. Aren't they cute in their semi-matching outfits? Lindsey and I have fun dressing them up alike!My dad was Santa for the Christmas party. Logan sitting on Santa's lap.My mom was determined to have Lindsey and I sit on our dad's lap too. Alex with Santa.Lindsey and AlexThe boys with Santa.

They were so tired afterwards. Neither of them had slept enough that day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My conversations with Logan

Here are a couple of my recent conversations with Logan. If only I could figure out what he was telling me! I'm sorry they are sideways. I turned them the right way when I uploaded them to my computer, but for some reason they still come out wrong here!

Logan's baby dedication

Logan had his baby dedication at church this past Sunday. My parents along with Lindsey, Tim, and Alex, were able to come down for the weekend. Saturday night my parents watched Logan while Justin and I watched UofA beat ASU in football. Go Cats! Sunday morning Logan was dedicated alongside his buddy Nathan (my friends - Donna and Joel's - son). Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out great of the dedication because I had my camera on the wrong setting. Oh well!

Logan and Caelin

My friend, Kristen Hatcher, came to Tucson for Thanksgiving (and a 2 week vacation). She and her oldest daughter, Caelin, came over to visit and meet Logan. (Even though Caelin was wearing an ASU sweatshirt, I let them in!) :) I can't beleive how big Caelin is and how smart she is. She's only 4, but she talks like a little adult. She even had some suggestions for quickly getting water to Justin's fishtank (she doesn't understand the part about filtered water, but that's okay - she's a smart cookie!)

Silly hat and the sippy cup

I got this hat from my neighbor and great friend, Cindy, for my baby shower. It goes along with a jungle outfit. However, the day I put him in the whole ensemble, I forgot to take a picture. So, the next day I put the hat on him just to take this picture. He looked so silly!
Logan has been working on the sippy cup for the last month or so. At first he couldn't figure it out, so I was giving him water in a bottle so he could just get used to the taste (or lack thereof) of the water. Now I put it in the sippy cup and he loves to drink out of it. When it's sitting on his highchair tray, he works it until he can get it to his mouth. He doesn't have the strength to tip it up yet, but I'm impressed with his motor skills thus far.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Starting solids

We started Logan on solids the Sunday after Thanksgiving. As to be expected, he made some funny faces. I can't blame him when all he's getting is a runny gruel-like substance! He opened up his mouth really wide, though, and seemed to like it in the end. He seems to eat better for Justin than he does for me. Maybe it's all the airplane noises Justin makes for him.

Logan's first Thanksgiving and Christmas #1

Logan's first Thanksgiving was also my first Thanksgiving that I was in charge of the meal. I was pretty proud of my turkey...and the rest of the dinner for that matter (well, except the stuffing that I burned. My dad called it Cajun stuffing since it had a charred, smoky flavor to it!) I did not remember to take a picture of the turkey until it was already being cut, but at least it was mostly in tact!Logan loved meeting his Uncle Chad and Auntie Stacey!Here are a couple pictures of everyone eating. Our table, when it has the extra leaf in it, is pretty long so we were all able to fit around. There were 10 of us (including Logan) - Justin's parents, Justin's sister & brother-in-law, my parents, and my grandpa all joined us for the feast!My dad thought it would be a great idea to give Logan a mouth full of sweet potatoes while I wasn't looking. Justin gently nudged me to get my attention. This is the face I found! He actually liked them quite a bit - who wouldn't like sugary carbohydrates?As soon as dinner was over, Rick, Chad, and my grandpa passed out on the couch! I did take a picture of Logan in a bib Justin's mom bought that said "My First Thanksgiving", however it must have been deleted because it didn't get uploaded from my camera to my computer :(
Since we will be with my family for Christmas, we decided to do a Smith family Christmas the day after Thanksgiving (which was also Justin's birthday). Here are Stacey & Chad opening gifts.
Rick with his West Marine gift card.
Mary looking through her Joy of Cardmaking book.
Chad modeling his North Face jacket.
Stacey showing off the leg warmers she bought Logan. Note Justin's face - he's not thrilled about the whole thing, especially since the package noted one use as dance leggings!
This is how Logan spent the first part of his first Christmas. He was actually supposed to be in bed, but with all the disruptions, he was having a hard time sleeping that weekend. So, he got to watch up open gifts until he fell asleep in the swing.

We had such a great time with the family during Thanksgiving and Christmas #1!