Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas #2

Last week, my mom had her Christmas party at work. It's for all the kids and grandkids of the teachers. So, I traveled up to Phoenix for the day to hang out with Lindsey and Alex and then go to the party.
Alex is cruising all over now, so I stuck Logan in the exersaucer and Alex played on the outside. They were so cute together.They check each other out all the time. I think they both love having another little person around.Here are Lindsey and I with the boys. Aren't they cute in their semi-matching outfits? Lindsey and I have fun dressing them up alike!My dad was Santa for the Christmas party. Logan sitting on Santa's lap.My mom was determined to have Lindsey and I sit on our dad's lap too. Alex with Santa.Lindsey and AlexThe boys with Santa.

They were so tired afterwards. Neither of them had slept enough that day.

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