Sunday, November 29, 2009

Logan's new toy

Since we would only be seeing Justin's family at Thanksgiving this year, we celebrated Christmas also. Here are a couple of Logan's gifts. He got a froggie hooded towel.

And a Bounce and Spin horse. It connects to the TV also. We haven't tried that part yet since I don't have the right batteries. But, he still enjoys bouncing on it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The next generation of iPhone users?

Logan figured out long ago how to turn on my iPhone - just push the round button at the bottom of the phone. Sometimes he could also slide the bar at the bottom to actually get to the apps. Usually it was just coincidence that he could slide it, though. Today, he mastered that. And also figured out how to "search" my phone. Here's a short video with his demonstration. The next one is the first one I took, but it's a minute and a half and not everyone is as interested as I am - so I'm posting both for you to choose.

Hanging with Jabin

I watched Jabin and Jackson last week while Callie had some things to do. Before I started filming this, Logan and Jabin were dancing to the music. You'll notice that as soon as Jabin notices I was filming, he stops dancing and slyly watches to see when I'm going to stop filming! I wanted to get them dancing together, but I think Jabin's expressions are so classic that I wanted to post it anyway.


Logan was an elephant for Halloween. He thought it was funny to "eat" his trunk.

Isn't he cute?!?!? Logan's friend Selah came to our neighborhood BBQ (she just lives 2 streets over). She was a ladybug.Selah's brother, Moses, was a monkey
Callie came with her boys - Jabin (dressed as Larry the Cucumber) and Jackson (dressed as Bob the Tomato)

Desert Museum

On Halloween morning, we went to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. It's a great place to walk around and see all of the wildlife the Sonoran Desert has to offer. It was Logan's first time being able to walk while we were out somewhere. It was also the first time he kept his sunglasses on. I've tried for a few months to get him to wear them, but he always takes them off. For some reason that day he left them on when he was out in the sun. Even when I'd take them off to go inside, he still left them on when we were back outside.

Logan loved the area "By the River". It had fish, tadpoles, and frogs. He loved watching them all swim.

When a family with some girls came to the area, Logan showed the girls all of the fish and tadpoles. It was so cute. No one knew what he was saying, but he was pointing and telling them all about them!

On the way out, he got to pet some bronze javelinas.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Walking at last!

I finally took some video of Logan walking. In a matter of a few days he has gone from walking when we prompt him to, to doing it all on his own (not even wanting to hold our hands), to trying to run around the house. I thought it was at least supposed to be a few weeks, if not a couple months before the running began. And, since, he did it all on his own time (like everything else he does), he doesn't fall much at all - he's got really good balance. He's a bit like his Momma - a perfectionist.