Friday, June 26, 2009

1 year old!

It's baby has turned 1 year old. In fact 1 year and 21 minutes ago, we welcomed Logan Marshall into the world. What an amazing year it has been, and of course it has flown by. I hope I was able to cherish every moment, but I'm sure there were some I missed by being "busy". I look forward to this next year of discovery!

Logan's up to 10 words in his vocabulary :) He says: mama, dada, baba, baby, hi, bye-bye, Belle, Nana, Papa, and book. Book is my favorite word he says because he keeps his mouth closed, puffs out his cheeks, and only makes the "k" sound in the back of his throat. I know that no one else would know he was saying "book", but he makes the same noise when we tell him to say "book" and also when he wants to read a book.
Developmentally, Logan is still scooting, but in his walker he's learning to go forward. He's mastered going backward quite well! He pulls himself up when he wants to, but mostly he enjoys scooting all over the house. He throws balls and chases after them. He's gotten pretty good at entertaining himself that way.
Well, those are a few fun facts about Logan. We are having a birthday party for him tomorrow. I'll post pictures eventually! It's a pirate theme and Logan will be a pirate :)

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Rach De La Rosa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! ;) Happy Birthday, Little Logan! :) I can't believe it's been a whole year already and yes, it DOES fly by when they're so little. He is SUCH a cutie pie and I love his smile. Good job at surviving the first year and I look forward to watching him grow up! ;)
ps...Does your dad take those pics of you guys? Those are awesome pics!