Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logan crawls....errr....scoots!

I noticed last night that Logan moved forward a little to get to a toy. I was super proud of him, but didn't really want to get my hopes up that he was actually starting to crawl. Before he went to bed, I thought I'd try to see if he would show off his new skills to Justin. With the right motivation (Justin's iPhone), he scooted himself forward until he could reach it. This morning, I got the camera out and recorded this great feat as he scooted over to his toy piano. I'm so proud of my little man :)


Eric and Allison Breuker said...

He is so cute! Good job Logan. Reminds me of a little army man.

Rach De La Rosa said...

For some reason, I can never get these videos to play :( Maybe you could email me your video?? How exciting that he begins this new phase in his life ;) I think I really miss that first yr of life and all the "firsts" kids do. It's so amazing!!! Congrats!!
Love n Hugs,

Sara said...

That IS crawling! Every kid has their own special take on how to do it I think. Yay Logan!