Saturday, May 30, 2009


In the beginning of May, Logan and I went to Southern CA to visit the Chapman's. The last time I saw them was in January when Hayden was in the hospital, so it was nice to go for a fun visit! We went to Disneyland one day. It was such a fun time - especially seeing it all through Logan's eyes. He dozed a couple times, but basically didn't sleep the whole day, but was so happy and content. His favorite ride was It's a Small World. He clapped through the whole thing.

Vanessa met us at Downtown Disney for lunch before we went into the park. It was fun to see her, if only for a few mintues.

The standard pic at the entrance to Disney.

Not a great picture at all, but you can see how much Logan was enthralled with It's a Small World.

Haylee....before going on Splash Mountain. What a cutie!

Stormy....not wanting her picture taken.

Logan as we were leaving Disneyland around 7:30 - after not sleeping all day. Still a happy camper, but definitely wiped out!

Haylee, Hayden, and Logan in front of the Chapman's house.

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