Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Logan is 1 month old!

Here is a picture of Logan on his 1 month birthday. Now most of the pictures I take of him have his eyes open. That's a good sign! He is growing well. He was 9 lbs 3 ounces on Monday at his appointment. He is smiling, cooing, tracking objects, and holding his head up very well. The pediatrician was even impressed with his neck strength.

How cute is he?!?! This was what Logan wore to church on Sunday. We usually go to church on Saturday night, but this week we went on Sunday morning. I decided to get him dressed up. The shirt and vest were given to us from Justin's cousin, Jenelle. Her son Caleb wore them for this past Easter.

Since both my boys were dressed up, I took a picture of them together. Aren't they so cute? Logan was waving to me (or trying to shield his eyes from the bright sun)!


Lucas and Stef Duncan said...

Oh my goodness Kristen, he is sooo adorable. I love the one of him dressed up in his church clothes! Looks like things are going really well. I love the blog, it's so fun to keep up with friends and family!

Mandy Q said...

Very cute. Sounds like you are all getting out and about which is good to hear.