Sunday, May 11, 2008

Digital Scrapbook Pages

These are 4 pages I did recently. The first one is from Lindsey's wedding 4/7/06. The second is from our Hawaiian Cruise in Nov. 2007. The top picture is Justin and I at Pearl Harbor and the bottom one is of us in Maui. The third page is pictures taken 12/24/07 - Christmas in Yuma (the group picture contains Jenelle - Justin's cousin, Pam - Justin's aunt, me, Stacey - Justin's sister, Emily - Jenelle's daughter, and Mary - Justin's mom). Lastly is a page I did of a picture taken 7/5/07 at a Botanical Garden in Minneapolis. I can't take too much credit for these pages as the first 3 were pages that were already completed and I just added pictures. The fourth I did on my own, however it was part of a tutorial I did to learn how to scrapbook digitally!

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