Thursday, May 8, 2008

Preggo Pics

Here are some pictures of me throughout the pregnancy.

This first picture is of Lindsey and I on 1/26/08. I was 17 weeks along and she was 28 weeks. It has been a lot of fun being pregnant with Lindsey.

This one is of us "belly to belly".

Here I am on 2/23/08 - 21 weeks. Not a very attractive picture, but you get the idea!

Laura took this one of me at work on 2/29/08 - almost 22 weeks.

This is Vanessa, Lindsey, and I at Lindsey's baby shower 3/29/08. I was 26 weeks and Lindsey was 37 weeks.

Here are Lindsey and I with our mom at Lindsey's shower.

Another picture Laura took at work (3/31/08) - 26 weeks.

As soon as I get the most recent picture taken at work (5/5/08), I will post it.

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Rachel said...

Look at you!! I know you may FEEL huge, but look like all belly. ;) You and Lindsey look so cute together!