Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years

We went to Yuma for New Years. New Years Eve was spent at 2 parties. The first one was at Justin's great-aunt's house. The second was at some friends of the family. Justin's parents actually stayed there until midnight. Logan, Justin, and I were all in bed and fast asleep by the time they got home.This is Justin's cousin Jenelle with her son Caleb (and Logan). Caleb is 10 months old.On New Years day, we went to a very nice park in Yuma. It was the nicest park I've ever seen, actually. They have a huge castle area that the kids can play in with lots of stairs to climb and slides to go down. This was Logan's first real trip to a park. He had a lot of firsts that day, including his first ride in a real swing.His first ride on a slide.and his first time in a sandbox. It was hard getting a good picture of Logan and Caleb because (like Alex), Caleb enjoyed tapping Logan on the head.But we finally were able to get a decent one when Justin's cousin (or second cousin, or twice removed - whatever!) held Caleb.Aren't my boys so cute?!?! The afternoon concluded with Logan's first picnic. Emily (Jenelle's daughter) was tired and decided to take a little rest on Justin's knee. She's so cute.

Another first included sitting in and feeling grass. Lately, Logan has taken to sticking out his tongue constantly. It's adorable and funny, too. The second picture he was looking at the dog, but it seems as though he's sticking his tongue out at the dog. The third picture is my current favorite picture of Logan.

Lastly, I got some good pictures of Logan playing with Grandma. I guess I should have put some pants on him to hide the diaper...but oh well!

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