Saturday, November 1, 2008

Logan the Bumblebee

For Halloween night, Logan was a bumblebee. Partly as a nod to the Smith family beekeeping business, and partly because the costume was only $8 at Wal-Mart :) Every year 3 families (us and 2 of our neighbors) get together for a neighborhood BBQ. We buy hamburgers and hotdogs, chips, and soda to feed a couple hundred people. This year was our 5th annual BBQ. It's become very popular in our neighborhood and we enjoy getting to know people and visit with all the kids and parents.

Our neighbor has a 5 month old little girl named Cassidy. She was a kitten for Halloween. The progression from this next picture through the one where he is asleep was all of 2 minutes according to the timestamp on my camera! He was tuckered out and it was only 6PM! We hadn't even had any trick-or-treaters. Here is my best friend Stormy along with her husband (Aaron) and kids (Haylee and Hayden). They were Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Wendy, and Peter Pan for Halloween.

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Mandy Q said...

What a cute bumblebee!